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Bolognese! The pasta dog!

Hey all you beautiful hoomans.

I had a long week picking up rubbish in the park again with daddy. But then we had a great day with Lui a Bolognese doggo from Notting Hill Gate. Really cool buddy. He's always happy. Never misses a chance to smile and I've uploaded an image for you to see. He's real cute! His name is Lui, which means "he" in Italian. Cause he's Italian - in fact, he's a bolognese...but he ain't no pasta. People say he's a cloud. They also say he is a ball of fluff. His mummy says he is a "lot of love". Is "lot of love" even a thing? In a few words, Lui is not entirely sure he is a doggy. Just like me. But he's sure that he is happy - and that he makes his mummy happy. Maybe he also makes people he meets during his walkies happy. They always smile at him.

This is such a beautiful world, life is so great for us, doggies, and for those around us. But, again, we ain't just doggos. Guess none of us, furry pet friends, are.

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