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A bitch at the beach

Hey all you beautiful hoomans.

Just come back from Camber Sands! And wow!! I luuuurved it!

We hired a car, I cried all the way, cos daddy wouldn't let me sit on his lap while driving. I tried biting the gear but was told off so had to lay down next to big sis.

Anyway, I love being in the car. It was fun. Reminds me when they picked me up from where I was born. That was a really happy day, I was going back with my family to my forever home.

Being at the beach was a true celebration. Oh my! There were soooooo many doggies everywhere! Uhhh I love the beach so much!

I couldn't stop running up and down the sand hills, and I ate so much sand. It's crunchy and I really like chewing on it. I even pooped sand castles yesterday at the park.

I drilled a hole in the sand with my face but ended up getting loads of sand in my eyes!

Then tried taking the sand out with my paws that were full of sand. Then tried sliding my face on the sand to get rid of it, but never worked. Then a puppy invaded my space and I growled. Then back in the water. I haven't done any swimming yet because I want daddy to come in with me when I do, so I only got me paws wet.

Anyway, if you ever want to go for a run on the beach, get sandy and throw yourself in the water, then Camber Sands is your place.

Plus, we don't need a lead on and we can have fun freely.

Daddy parked the car at the western parking, cos us doggies are welcome there. Then we walk towards the right and we got miles of space.

Hope to see you all there folks.

Happy hols.


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