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Pet Photography website finally online again!

And finally here I am!! With the brand new website online!

It's me again as always! Ida. I'm the PA here. My daddy Alex, has upgraded me to Personal Assistant and Editor so I'm gonna be doing most of the work around here.

We had a major refurbishment in January and all the website is new and ready to welcome all you little furry pet friends and your wonderful humans!

No better time than now to start getting back to work. Nothing's getting me more excited than starting my adventures again. New sessions, indoors in a really awesome studio, outdoors in parks and in the city centre, London offers it all! Plus, new products, new stuff, but the same old love and joy for pet photography. So thrilled to welcome you all again.

Alex has made friends with some of the best and most precious printing labs in the UK and we have renewed all our wall art. It's ABSOLUTELY AMAAAAAZING! The quality!! You can't even imagine how beautiful and unique your pictures are going to look in your homes! There is nothing better than having our funny happy faces all over the walls! Soon more about this, so stay tuned.

Me and Alex worked a lot over the past few months and we came up with a really cool gift for you all that will help your pet photography bump up to the next level, even if you're only using your phone! So make sure to download the "5 Tips For Better Pet Pics" directly from the home page. I'll personally send it to your email box.

So excited!

Love you all.


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