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My Mission

Let it be known:  I am an animal fanatic.

Throughout my years of pet photography and personal caregiving, I have been blessed to witness unrelenting joy and endless love shared between an animal and their owner.  The bond between a pet and their family is one of the most pure and honest expressions of love in the universe, and when the time comes to say goodbye, the comfort found in their memory can be profound.

My job as a photographer of pets is to create the space for you and your furry family member to relax and be yourselves. 

I have been fortunate enough to photograph every type of pet imaginable throughout London, the U.K. and internationally – dogs, cats, horses, snakes, birds, reptiles, spiders, and more.  Patient, friendly, and humorous, it is my commitment to you and your pet to set the scene and create the comfort that will help their unique personality shine through in a way that is authentic and natural.  No forced poses.  No upset voices.  No negativity.  Your photographic experience will be filled with soothing, supportive, and enjoyable energy that will deliver outstanding photographs of your pet that you can cherish forever.

Meet my PA

Hei, I'm Ida. I like turkey.

I'm the one who runs the biz, and for obvious reasons too. So talk nice to me and hand over some treats if you want your photos to look smashing.

Now I think of it, I think I prefer duck. 

Hope to hear from you soon, can't waste too much time on here cos I'm finishing off a cat (meaning I'm finishing editing it!).

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