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Dog photographer in north London

Those who have dogs know that they are not just pets, but are special members of the family. The endless love and affection they give is beyond measurable, and their joy can light up a room in a second. With the amazing moments you share with them, you wish you could capture the moment and hold onto it forever. That’s where I come in. As a skilled dog photographer with over 15 years of experience, I can capture those special moments you share with your furry four legged companion for you to keep as a memento for many years to come.


As a dog photographer in the UK, I have multiple credentials, including: Second place in the Sony Pet Photography Competition, shortlisted in the finalists for Photographer of the Year and Mars Petcare - The Comedy Pet Photography Awards, with my photo featuring in Insider, Forbes, Daily Mail, and Bored Panda, and on ITV News.


With each and every dog having their own unique qualities, I always make sure to make that shine through the photographs, encapsulating them in every photo. Whether your dog is bursting with energy or quiet and camera shy, I work around them to take outstanding photographs, whilst making the experience comfortable and enjoyable for you and your cute companion. Being a dog photographer in London, UK, there are countless iconic places and hidden gems to have on-location photo shoots, so together we can choose the best location for the session. Photoshoots with me are an experience, an adventure that is fun and enjoyable for everyone involved, and at a pace that allows your pet to stay relaxed and at ease.


Pet photography can feel daunting at first, especially due to the unpredictability of your dog, however with my years of experience, love for animals, and great patience, any worry you might have should be eliminated. In my sessions, comfort is a priority, so there will always be breaks to play and relax, allowing us to have the best time we can during the session. You also have the choice to be in the pictures with your dog - even if you are camera shy. I always find artistic ways to take a photo of you with your companion that tell the story of your relationship, and make sure that I deliver the uttermost best photos for you to cherish. Check out the “Contact” section of my website to get in touch, and find out more about the services that I offer.

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