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Celebrating the lives of pets and the people who love them.

Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

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I’m often asked, “Why pets?”

Because our pets are our family.  Because our pets have lives worth celebrating.  Because our pets enter our lives and forever leave pawprints on our hearts.  Because pets make us better people and they deserve to have their lives captured, celebrated, and honoured for generations to come.

As a passionate lover of pets, photography, and high art, it felt only natural to help loving pet owners such as yourself to capture their furry family members through creative, stunning, and occasionally humorous wall art designed to capture their unique personality.

So, why pets?  Our pets are our family members – their story is also our story.  Their story deserves to be told. That's what we do here at Paws Celebre.

Let’s tell that story together.

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I'm a pet parent and want my pet's life to be captured & celebrated. 

Maine Coon cat and chinchilla
Shar-pei jumping


Sometimes I get nervous around people I don’t know and I bark a lot.  Alex was so friendly, and he gave me my space while I got to know him.  He was so patient and never got upset at me when I barked or got nervous.  Before long, we were like best friends!  We had such a great time and I was happy to make a new friend.  Mum’s got a gorgeous frame now in the hallway of me jumping in the I’m the first one you see when you walk in! Alex is just the best!

Funny dog face


What a great day I had!  I loved playing with Alex and had fun with my Mum and Dad all day.  I know my parents were worried that my health problems would be a problem, but Alex made me so happy that I never even thought about being sick.  I love how happy my Mum and Dad were watching me play with Alex, and my favorite part of the day was when Mum and Dad got to come play with me and give me hugs.  I’m so glad we got to have such a happy day together before it was time for me to cross the Rainbow Bridge.



Look, I understand that I can be a little...extra.  Sure, some might call me a diva, but it isn’t my fault that I’m just so fabulous.  I’ll admit that I didn’t make things easy on my Mum or Alex during our session – but once everyone understood that we were going to do things *my* way, we got along just fine.  (It only took a couple of scratches and a few hisses for everyone to understand that I was the boss.)  As much of a pain as I might have been during the session, the end results won me over.  I didn’t make things easy for Alex, but the images he captured for my mum were just incredible.  I’m glad Alex was willing to take the time and let me be the true queen that I am.

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