Environmentally friendly pup!

Hey you all!

Hope you've been keeping up well. You hoomans and all the beautiful little creatures out there. So I've been concentrated on some really cool stuff this week. Been working on the pet photography Instagram profile and we're getting there. Tonight launching our first grid upload. It's gonna be a cool one. It's a pupfriend of mine from Italy. Guy is a little intimidating but believe me I'm a real pain in the arse compared to him!

Anyways, Instagram, I was saying. Sorry I get sidetracked all the time, daddy gave me a massive raw chicken this morning and I'm still thinking about it.

Every morning we go to Ally Pally (Alexandra Park), north of London, and guys, you hoomans! You need to get a grip with things. We're not in the 80's anymore, where you could just throw stuff on the ground and sort of get away with it. No! Not in 2020, where the world needs more care and will most probably blow up like an exploding balloon if you don't stop being so disrespectful of the environment. Anyway, in September I started running after plastic bottles as I couldn't take seeing them all over the place where I run. So daddy filmed me over these months and made a little video. Plus we took a great pic today. I mean I look gorgeous but, the amount of bottles I brought to him were unbelievable. I hope I don't see this happen again. But I have a feeling we're gonna be doing this every day now until we clear up every blade of grass.

So all you friends, if you see a plastic bottle just grab it in your mouth and take it to the nearest bin. Come on, let's help these poor humans.

Right folks, I'm off now.

Here is the pic we took this morning.

Love ya!

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